Marissa Madsen

Actor & Comedian

BIO: Hi! I'm Marissa. I'm an actor-comedian-writer who creates online comedy videos.  I learned improv at UCB and iO West, and I'm also trained in the Meisner technique. I'm part of Those Girls Comedy, known for the popular web series "20s vs. 30s". We've been featured on  Fox's 'Laughs' and 'Right This Minute', Funny or Die, Hello Giggles, WhoHaHa, Huffington Post Comedy, Bro Bible and many more. I am also one half of The Sy & Marissa Show, the sketch duo who created the mockumentary short "Hazel & Louis: Animal Agents". It won multiple film festival awards, and is  now being developed into a web series.

NEW SKETCHES: "Masterclass: Betsy Devos Teaches Education" and "It's Kim! - Adventures with Aussie Kim". Watch them below!

COMING SOON: more celebrity impression vids! woohoo



Masterclass: Betsy Devos Teaches Education

Emma Stone - Celebrity Impression

Kristin Chenoweth - Celebrity Impression

"It's Kim!": Adventures with Aussie Kim

Kristen Wiig - Celebrity Impression

Impressions and Characters

Girl Garth


Thirtynothing - webseries

No Cuts

"It's Not That Hard" from the Sy & Marissa Show

Hazel & Louis: Animal Agents - short film

Mini episodes from "Hazel & Louis: Animal Agents" - playlist

20s vs. 30s - webseries

Cost Cutters - commercial

Betsy Devos Impression

Sexist Sports Commentators: Olympics Edition

It's Kim!: At Mel's Diner