Marissa Madsen

Actor & Comedian

Hi! It's me, Marissa. The actor-comedian-writer who makes a bunch of online sketch comedy videos.  I learned improv at UCB and iO West and have performed with several 'prov teams. I also studied the Meisner technique with Josh Bitton. I'm part of Those Girls Comedy, known for the "20s vs. 30s" viral sketches. We've been featured on  Fox's 'Laughs', ABC's 'Right This Minute',,,,, and a wholllle bunch of other dot coms. We have over 10 million online views to date. I also co-created the mockumentary short "Hazel & Louis: Animal Agents". It won awards at multiple film festivals including DC Shorts and the LA Scripted Comedy Festival. I guess people love animals AND agents, what can I say?                       


-I'm in a new sketch from the Nightpantz comedy troupe, coming soon to a computer near you!

-I just starred in a dramatic short, Abandon, which will be released later this year. I know you're used to seeing me be silly so don't get worried when you see me cry, IT'S JUST ACTING. I'M OKAY. But I thank you for your concern. 

-New celebrity impressions and sketch character vids are coming out all the time! Subscribe to my youtube channel and follow me on all the social medias so you don't miss a single one!! Now THAT would be something to cry about. 


Acting Reel

Sketch Reel - Impressions and Characters